What Is Udyam Registration?

Udyam registration is the new process replacing Udyog Aadhar. launched by the ministry of MSME effective from 15th July 2020. An enterprise for the purpose of this will be known as Udyam and its registration is called ‘ Udyam registration.’ After registration, a permanent registration number will be given.

 What Is Udyam Registration?

There are several enterprises that have this question –  What is udyam registration?

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Udyam registration is also called MSME registration. micro/small /medium enterprises registration.Udyam registration is a government registration for MSMEs,  providing them with idiosyncratic Identity numbers and recognition certificates, to certify them as micro/small/medium enterprises.

The motive behind this launch was to provide plenty of benefits or to help MSME  business in India.

Benefits Of Udyam Registration

  1.  Registration charges and Claim stamp duty waiver, reducing the acquisition cost.
  2. Obtain an exemption of 1% rate of interest on overdraft.
  3. Certified  MSME  and get exemptions under direct tax laws.
  4. Indemnification on the payment made for obtaining the ISO certificate overdraft facility along with interest rate exemption.
  5. Udayam registration is given a preference for government licence and certification. so it becomes easy to obtain licences, approvals and registrations.


  1. Get a 50% subsidy on patent registration and trademark.
  2. Registered MSMEs can avail subsidies from NSIC and credit ratings and are eligible for IPS.
  3. Registered MSME  gets tariff subsidies, tax, and capital subsidies.
  4. Interest rate subsidy on Bank loans
  5. Register MSME  is eligible for class  (credit linked capital subsidy scheme).
  6.  get concessions in electricity bills.
  7. Subsidies for barcode registration.

Documents required for Udyam registration

  1.  Adhaar card copy of the individual/proprietor/directors(linked with active mobile no.)
  2. PAN card copy of individual /Directors/Partners[linked with mobile no.] 
  3. Bank details of individual/company [either current account or saving account]
  4. Business details and no. of employment.

Udyam Registration In 3 Easy Steps 

Fill The Form 

You will have to fill in the basic contact details that are given in the form. Make sure that the information is correct.

We Will Contact You

We will contact you if needed to acquire the required documents. Once we have verified all the details then we will start the registration process.

Get A Udyam Aadhar Certificate.

When registration is completed, we will inform you of the completion of the process. We will make sure that you get your registration certificate as soon as possible.

Why did you choose us for Udyam  registration?

Transparency – Government Registration Fees Is Zero

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