What Is The Fees For FSSAI Registration

Fees for FSSAI Central and State licenses, as well as fees for Indian and Konkan Railways’ FSSAI licenses, are listed here.

FSSAI Central License Fee Structure

  • The FSSAI Central license costs RS. 7500 each year to renew.
  • A price of Rs.7500 is charged for any alteration to an FSSAI Central license (per modification).
  • A duplicate copy of the FSSAI Central license costs 10% of the Applicable License Fee.

An FSSAI Central license can be awarded or renewed for a maximum of 5 years.

FSSAI State License Fee Structure 

  • The cost of a new FSSAI State license varies from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 each year, depending on the type of food business. 
  • The number of years chosen determines the cost of renewing an FSSAI state license.
  • A one-year fee is charged for any alteration of an FSSAI State license.
  • The cost of obtaining a duplicate copy of the FSSAI State license is 10% of the applicable license charge.

Fee structure of FSSAI Railway food license

  • The fee for a new FSSAI Railway food license is RS. 2000 (per year). 
  • The cost of renewing an FSSAI Railway food license is determined by the number of years chosen. 
  • The payments for any changes to an FSSAI Railway food license are one-year fees (per modification).
  • The fee for a duplicate copy of the FSSAI Railway food license is 10% of the Applicable License Fee.

Non-Consequences Compliance

The FSSAI requires anyone who is registered or licensed to follow the FSS Act’s rules and regulations. In most cases, a food safety officer inspects the food business operator’s facility and uses a checklist to determine the level of regulatory compliance. The food safety officer assigns a grade based on the level of compliance.

  • Compliance (C) 
  • Non-compliance (NC) 
  • Partial compliance (PC)
  • Not applicable/Not observed (NA)

In accordance with Section 32 of the FSS Act, 2006, the food safety officer may issue an improvement notice if necessary. If the business owner does not comply with the improvement notice, the officer may suspend or revoke his license after giving him an opportunity to demonstrate cause. An appeal can be made to the State Commissioner of Food Safety by any food business owner who has been harmed by an improvement notice. An appeal to the Food Safety Appellate Tribunal/High Court might be filed in response to the ruling.

Non-compliance will result in a penalty

The following is a list of penalties for various types of non-compliance:

S. No. Particulars Fine
1 Food Quality Not In Compliance With Act 2 Lakh Petty Manufacturer-25000/-
2 Sub-Standard Food 5 Lakh
3 Misbranded Food 3 Lakh
4 Misleading Adv. or False Description 10 Lakh
5 Extraneous Matter In Food  1 Lakh
6 Failure To Comply With Food Safety Officer Direction 2 Lakh
7 Unhygienic Processing Or Manufacture 1 Lakh