Trademark Form TM 48

What Is Trademark

The term trademark refers to a recognizable insignia, phrase, word, or symbol that denotes a selected product and legally differentiates it from all other products of its kind. A trademark is a symbol that uniquely identifies a product as belonging to a specific firm and acknowledges that company’s ownership of the brand. Trademarks are generally considered a style of property and should or might not be registered.

Trademark Form TM 48

In case a trademark application is filed by someone apart from the trademark applicant, then a duly stamped TM-48 or Power of Attorney must be filed. during this article, we glance at the trademark Form TM 48 format and also the procedure for filing the identical.

TM-48 Power Of Attorney

In India, the Trademarks Act of 1999 protects registered trademarks from being misappropriated. A Trademark could be quite a protection towards the belongings. This distinguishes various products and services by providing a brand value to them within the market. This non-deliberately attaches a high-quality value to all or any of the products. Trademark registration enables owners to simply establish their right to the trademark in court and earn royalties. It also deters piracy and prohibits other firms from registering identical company names.

Trademark Attorney / Trademark Agent

The Trademark registration is valid for 10 years although then, the mark may be renewed for the next 10 years. The Indian government has made several concessions to make it easier for citizens to apply for trademarks. one amongst them is the allowance of hiring a Trademark attorney/agent to file the trademark application on your behalf. Not every applicant is incredibly confident about the knowledge of filing the appliance correctly.

The trademark application goes through various stages where it’s checked by the Examiner of the Trademark. If the application isn’t accurate, the identical will be objected to. Therefore, it becomes important to rent an “Agent” who can assist you while applying on your behalf.

What Is TM-48 Power Of Attorney?

If the applicant hires an Agent or an Attorney, then the application must be attached with an influence of Attorney. For such matters, the Trademarks Act of 1999 gives a selected form that must be filled for the aforementioned purpose. this is often the shape of authorization of Agent – Form TM-48.

When a trademark application is filed by a trademark agent or attorney, a validly stamped Power of Attorney or Form TM – 48 is necessary. this type is executed in favor of the trademark agent/attorney by the applicant. it’s important to notice that a Form TM-48 in favor of a firm not having the name of somebody’s agent or attorney, isn’t acceptable.

Form TM 48 Requirement

If a trademark application is submitted by a trademark attorney, trademark agent, or constituted attorney, the applicant must complete an influence of attorney (Form TM 48) in favor of the trademark filing agent. it’s important to recollect that the facility of Attorney must be executed in favor of a personal agent or attorney. Form 48 in favor of a firm without the name of any person agent or attorney isn’t acceptable.

Form TM 48 Format

Trademark Form TM 48

FORM TM – 48


Agent’s Code: [Agent Code]

sort of Authorization of Agent in an exceedingly matter or Proceeding under the Act

(Sec. 145 and Rule 21)

I / We, [Trademark Applicant Name], [Trademark Applicant Address], hereby authorize [Trademark Attorney Name], Advocates, and Trademark Agents of [Trademark Agent Address], India to act as my / our agents for the registration, protection, renewal, and maintenance of my / our trademark/s, and request that all notices, requisitions, and communications relating thereto be sent to the said agent at the address below, which is our address for

[Trademark Attorney or Agent]

[Address Line 1]

[Address Line 2]

[City], [State] [Pin Code]

I / We further authorize the said agents to appoint a substitute or substitutes because the said agents may deem necessary or expedient about the aforesaid purposes.

I / We now renounce any prior authorizations, if any, about the aforementioned topic.

Dated this the [Date] day of [Month], [Year].