Sole Proprietorship


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Benefits Of Sole Proprietorship Registration

Easier tax setup for sole proprietorship

Easier tax setup

One of the most significant benefits of a sole proprietorship is that the tax obligations are considerably easier and clear, particularly when contrasted to other business types.

minimum requirement for sole proprietorship

Minimum Requirement

One of the most significant benefits of a sole proprietorship is that the tax obligations are considerably easier and clear, particularly when contrasted to other business types.

cheap for sole proprietorship


A sole proprietorship is cost-effective and economical to maintain because of its low regulatory needs, like hiring an auditor to audit financial statements.

Requirements For Sole Proprietorship Registration

  • – A license granted by municipal authorities in accordance with the Shop and Establishment Act.

  • – The Certificate of Practice, which is provided by the ICAI, is a licence provided by certifying officials.

  • – The Central or the State Govt. Authority issues the licence certificate in the name of the owner.
  • – Financial institutions could also consider the Importer Exporter Code given by the DGFT department to a proprietary business as a registration certificate for the creation of a bank account, etc.
  • – Entire ITR in the single proprietor’s name, reflecting the business’s revenue, officially verified and recognised by the Income Tax Authorities.
  • – Name of the business owner in utility bills, like electricity, water, or landline bills.
  • – Or A GST Registration Certificate in the name of the owner.

Documents Required For Sole Proprietorship Registration


Mentioned documents are necessary to register a Sole Proprietorship.

  • – Aadhaar Card for Id Proof.
  • – Utility Bills or Rent agreement for Address proof.
  • – A PAN card.

Documents Needed to create a Current Account in any bank.

  • – Business registration proof.
  • – Shops & Establishments Act Registration.
  • – PAN card
  • – Id card and Address proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions on
Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship could be established by anyone in Indian who has a current account with the bank of the business name. Based on the kind of firm to be created, registration might not be necessary. Banks, on the other hand, generally demand a Shops & Establishments Registration in order to start a current account.

A Sole Proprietorship firm can be established and operational in as little as 15 days. Because of its ease, it is favored amongst local dealers and merchants. Of all, it’s also lot less expensive. This is another reason it is the most often utilized company form.

From supermarkets to street vendors, or even small dealers and manufacturers, the majority of local companies are managed as single owners. Which is not to argue that larger corporations cannot function as single private limited companies; they certainly can! It is permissible for jewellery stores to be sole proprietors, although it is not advised.

The method is a little time-consuming, although it is doable. It is quite typical for sole proprietors to eventually transform their enterprises into partnerships or privately owned companies.

No, registering as a sole proprietorship is really not necessary. It is entirely up to the individual if or not he want to incorporate his sole proprietorship. Despite banks need sole proprietorship registration if you want to establish a bank account under the identity of the firm, it is not required by law.