Private Limited Company Registration

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In India, a private limited company is among the most common types of business entity. In India, over 89% of businesses are incorporated as a Private Limited Company. On an annual basis, upwards of 160,000 businesses are established. It is a separate legal body with limited liability and a continuous life that was formed in 2013 underneath the Companies Act.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

Personal asset protection

Personal Assets Protection

The stockholders of a Private Limited Company often have limited liability. If you are a stakeholder, you would be held accountable to pay the company’s liability.



Private ltd companies are frequently taxed at a lower rate and have greater taxable advantages than other types of commercial organization.

Separate Legal Existence

Separate Legal Existence

Private Limited Company act as a separate entity. It would be made accountable for the effective management of its debtors and creditors, assets and liabilities.

Easy to Raise Capital

Easy to Raise Capital

The Pvt. Ltd. company registration method is rigorous enough to render this form respectable among many others, making financing from various sources simpler.

Better Govern

Better Governed

Businesses are controlled by the Companies Act of 2013 and must adhere to a variety of additional regulatory processes throughout the duration of its administration.

Continuous Existence

Continuous Existence

A PLC will continue to operate till it is officially terminated as it is a separate legal body, it is unaffected by the resignation or death of any of its members.

Documents Required For Private Limited Company Registration

  • – Director or Shareholder passport size photograph
  • – PAN of Directors and Shareholders
  • – Directors and Shareholders License, Voter ID or Passport
  • – Directors and Shareholders most recent Bank Statement
  • – For address proof – Electricity Bill with NOC or Rent Agreement
Documents Required Private Company

How to Incorporate Private Limited Company

FAQs On Private Limited Company

Finaxis makes it simple to start a business. PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, address evidence and bank statement copies of the directors, as well as address proof for the registered office location, are all that is necessary. In roughly ten days, a corporation may be established. Sign up for one of our plans and get a business incorporated with the help of one of our Consultants if you’ve the relevant papers.

A business’s authorised capital is the highest amount of equity shares it can offer. Paid up wealth, but at the other side, refers to the number of shares issued by the business to its shareholders. After formation, authorised capital could be raised at any moment to offer more shares to shareholders.

Atleast two persons must participate as directors and shareholders to form a private limited company. The directors should be individuals, whereas the shareholders might be individuals or corporations. In addition, for business formation, a registered office in India is necessary.

Yes, NRIs, foreign citizens, and foreign companies can start up a firm and invest in India, as long as they follow the RBI’s FDI guidelines. Moreover, Indian incorporation laws demand that one of the firm’s Board of Directors should be an Indian citizen.

A firm’s directors can be anybody above the age of 18. There are still no residence or citizenship requirements. As a result, non-resident Indians and foreign nationals could easily establish and run a private limited business in India.

After the paperwork have been submitted, the ROC schedules a meeting with the attorney on a specified day to review them and make any required revisions to the MoA and AoA that have been filed. The firm receives its Certificate of Incorporation when this is completed.

To create a private limited company, you’ll need at least a capital of Rs. 100,000. You do not need to have this money on hand or in your bank account to participate. This number might be used to illustrate the start-pre-incorporation up’s expenses. You could also indicate how much money has been invested in the assets.

The entire procedure is completed online. As a result, there is no need to travel anywhere to enroll it. To complete the process, you must provide your papers through email and complete our checklist.