Nidhi Company


Nidhi Company Registration for individuals who want to start a financial operations in India.

The characteristic that distinguishes Nidhi Company from several other businesses, NBFCs, etc is that “Nidhi” exclusively engages with “deposits from” and “loans to” its members, and operates for the collective interest of its members. As a result, some businesses have indeed been granted specific exemptions from yearly compliance and taxation.

The goal of forming a Nidhi Company is to promote savings between its participants. And to achieve the goal of fostering the practice of saving between its members. Nidhi firms are only permitted to accept deposits from and grant to members.

Benefits Of Nidhi Company Registration

Simple Formation

Simple Formation

Nidhi Company’s registration procedure enjoys freedom from across all types of complications. Starting a Nidhi Company is a simple operation due to the lack of paperwork from start to finish in Nidhi Company Registration.


Liability is Limited

Directors and shareholders have limited responsibility under the Companies Act of 2013. In the corporate world, either there’ll be income or the organisation would have to endure losses.


High Level of Assurance

In a thriving country like India, everyone from an 8-year-old kid to a 60-year-old adult is keen in saving money. In this case, the practise of saving is aligned with Nidhi Company’s primary goal.

Fewer Guidelines

Fewer Guidelines

Nidhi Companies must follow fewer criteria established by the RBI since they are controlled under the Nidhi Rules, 2014.


Separate Legal Entity

Nidhi Company, as a distinct entity from its owners, directors, and founders, could own assets and create liabilities in its name. 


Funds are Easily Accessible

Nidhi Company is by far the simplest, safe and user-friendly method of collecting deposits from its registered members.

Perpetual Existence

Perpetual Existence

A Nidhi Company’s life is unaffected by the demise or resignation of any of its members since it has perpetual existence. Perpetual succession permits the Nidhi Company to operate until it is legally liquidated.

Helping Lower And Middle Class

Helping Lower And Middle Class

Nidhi Companies play an important role in meeting the needs of persons from lower and middle-income families by providing financial assistance without the need for additional paperwork.

Requirements for Nidhi Company Registration

Prior to registering a Nidhi company, there are few requirements that must be met.

  • – Atleast 3 directors & a minimu of 7 members.
  • – Lowest possible capital needed is Rs 5 lakhs.
  • – It is not possible to offer preference shares due to a lack of authority.
  • – The company’s purpose should be to encourage members to save by accepting deposits and lending to them.
  • – DIN stands for Director’s Identification Number.

Documents Required for Registration

  • – Replica of PAN Card that has been self-attested.
  • – Copy of self-attested driver’s licence, voter ID, or passport.
  • – Copy of bank statement, telephone bill, mobile bill, or electricity bill that has been self-attested.
  • – Photograph of a passport size.


Documents needed for Registrar’s Office.

  • – Evidence of the registered office (Electricity).
  • – Copy of the lease agreement (If rented).
  • – NOC from property’s owner.

Nidhi Company's Required Compliances


A Nidhi Company must fill out this form and present the list of Nidhi Company members before 90 days of the FY end.


If it is unable to register 200 members in its first fiscal year, it can extend the period with MCA using this application.


This Company is additionally required to file a half-yearly return in NDH 3 Form in addition to the forms listed above.

Annual Returns With ROC

It is required by law to submit an annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs using Form MGT-7.

Profit & Loss And Balance Sheet

Nidhi Company must produce financial statements as well as other linked papers in Form AOC-4.

Income Tax Returns

Nidhi Company, much like rest of the firms, should submit annual returns by September 30 of the next fiscal year.

FAQs on Nidhi Company Registration

Nidhi Companies are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which is also liable for Nidhi Company Registration. All actions are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Nidhi Rules, 2014.

An applicant must fulfill the minimum qualifications in order to join Nidhi Company.

  • A member should be at least 18 years old.
  • A person can only become a member if he or she is over the age of eighteen.
  • No trust or corporation is permitted to join.

No, Nidhi Company is unable to conduct business outside of the state wherein the registration was completed.

A Nidhi Company can be run from a single residential address. There is no such thing as an office space requirement.

Nidhi Company does not provide unsecured loans. It could make secured loans to its members.