Norka Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme

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Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme is a Kerala government welfare initiative that aims to provide financial support to returning immigrants or their families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Individuals seeking assistance from this scheme must first understand the facts, qualifying criteria, and benefits. 

  • Overview of the Norka Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme: The NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to returning immigrants or their families who are in desperate need. It offers financial aid and rehabilitation services to enable individuals reintegrate into society and rebuild their lives in Kerala. 

  • Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for assistance under the NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria, including:

  • Having returned: to Kerala from abroad within a given period

  • Unemployment, illness: or debt can all cause financial trouble.

  • Possessing the appropriate: documentation and evidence to support their claim of financial hardship 


  • Benefits and Assistance Provided: The NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme offers various forms of financial assistance and support to eligible beneficiaries, including:

  • Financial assistance: to cover emergency financial requirements, such as medical bills, debt repayment, or home expenses.

  • Rehabilitation methods: to help beneficiaries find work or create a business, allowing them to become financially self-sufficient.

  • Counseling and guidance services: to address psychological and emotional issues encountered by returning immigrants and their families 

  • Application Process: Eligible individuals can apply for assistance under the NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme by following a simple application process, which typically involves:

  • Submitting a duly completed: application form along with supporting papers to the authorized authority or NORKA office.

  • Providing accurate: information and facts about the applicant’s financial position and the type of assistance sought.

  • Cooperate with any verification: or evaluation processes done by the authorities to evaluate eligibility for assistance. 

  • Recent Developments and Updates: The NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme may be revised or updated from time to time to better meet the changing requirements of returning emigrants and their families. Potential beneficiaries must stay informed of any modifications or amendments to the scheme’s provisions and guidelines.


Returning immigrants and their families who are struggling financially can rely on the NORKA Pravasi Bhadratha Scheme. The program intends to aid in their reintegration into society and provide them with the means to live respectable and sustainable lives in their own country by offering prompt assistance and support.