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Finaxis offers the best GST Registration in Chennai. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and includes all taxes like as sales tax, service tax, excise duty, and so on. If your yearly revenue exceeds Rs. 20 lakh, you must register for GST in Chennai.

You should apply for a GSTIN if your overall sales have been less than Rs. 20 Lakh since you would not be able to collect any tax refunds on purchases (e.g. Suppose a business buy items valued Rs. 10,000 per year, and the tax rate is 28% – you would end up losing tax return of Rs. 2800).

You are only allowed to sell in your own state. Registration for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) usually takes 2-6 business days in Chennai. Digitally signing and filing your application with the appropriate agency is a requirement. Go to Finaxis if you want to register for GST in Chennai.

Who should register under the GST Registration in Chennai?

In Chennai, the following individuals are needed to register for GST:

  • Any company with a turnover of more than Rs 20 lakhs in a FY is eligible.
  • Not applicable if the business is only selling goods and services that are excluded from GST.
  • Anyone who is enrolled underneath a previous taxation legislation (i.e., Excise, VAT, Service Tax,etc.).  It is mandatory to register underneath the GST.
  • Any organisation or supplier involved in the interstate distribution of products.
  • Casual taxable person.
  • Non-Resident taxable person.
  • Agents of a supplier.
  • Taxpayer who is subject to the reverse charge mechanism.
  • Distributor of input services and its representative.
  • Operator or aggregator of e-commerce.
  • An individual who sells via an e-commerce aggregator.
  • Businesses that provide data through the internet, database acquisition, or retrieval services to a resident of India who isn’t really a registered taxable person from a location beyond India.

Benefits Of Gst Registration In Chennai

You’ll have to add GST rates to your pricing if you enrolled for GST. Simultaneously, you would be eligible to collect GST credits on products and services bought for your firm. You will not be eligible to claim such credits if you do not register.

  • Our 2 step GST registration is Simple to Follow.

  • Registration Requires a Higher Threshold.

  • Convenient Goods Transportation for E commerce Businesses Operation that is more systematised and regulated.

  • Logistics that are more efficient.

  • There will be no more “Tax on Tax.”

  • Compliances are lower.

  • Tax Administration That Isn’t Corrupt.

  • GST Makes It Possible to “Make in India”.



Why Choose Finaxis?

Finaxis is here to help you with all of your GST compliance needs in Chennai. Our staff would assist you in completing and successfully registering for GST by delivering the highest quality Pre- and Post-GST services. Our customers like our GST services because we offer a range of solutions that allow compliance with the tax system simple.

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Finaxis offers a quick GST services and leverages innovative technologies to alleviate the client’s GST burden. Additionally, we maintain contact with the customer via frequent follow-up. We think that if you work with us, you would undoubtedly state that you were greeted with a smile while entering the realm of GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Firm, Business, or Individual is granted a unique GST Registration number. It’s identical to a PAN Number. It is a fifteen-digit one-of-a-kind assessment identification number. The first two numbers represent the state code, while the subsequent ten digits represent the substance or individual’s dish number. Apart from this, the following 1 number indicates the state code, while the next 2 digits are random. 

We provide 100% online GST registration services in Chennai. Visit our GST Registration Page & Upload your documents. That’s it.

The national GST and state GST are imposed concurrently on all transactions involving the supply of goods and services, save those involving exempt products and services and companies that fall below the statutory threshold level. For instance, if the GST rate is 18%, the SGST rate is 9%, and the CGST rate is 9 percent.

In the event of inter-state commerce, the Central Government must levy and receive GST on the supply of goods and services, referred to as IGST. For instance, if the GST rate is 18 percent on items sold in commerce – IGST – 18 percent.

No, individuals registered underneath the composition system are not entitled for input tax credits.