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Bangalore is home to the nation’s largest software exporters and serves as a thriving centre for India’s $150 billion tech industry, that accounts for approximately 10% of the nation ’s Gdp and has grown in terms of industrialization and exposure to new entrepreneurs. Isn’t it incredible? To have your GST Registration done in Bangalore, read down and take advantage of Finaxis offerings.

For Whom Is GST Registration In Bangalore Mandatory?

Turnover more than Rs.20 Lakhs for Service Provider or Rs. 40 lakh for goods supplier.

Engaged in the movement of goods between states.

If you run an e-commerce site or sell products or services online.

Anyone who offers products or services on a temporary or irregular basis.

A business may apply for Registration willingly and afterwards cancel it any time.

Benefits of GST Registration in Bangalore

GST has combined a variety of indirect taxes, easing tax for services & goods industries.

Experts think that the adoption of GST would lower goods & service prices in the long term.

Businesses with a turnover of up to Rs.75 lakh may use of composition schemes & pay only 1% tax.

The goal of the GST is to reduce corruption and the selling of goods and services without a valid invoice.

For small businesses, GST lessens the burden of complying with excise, service tax, and VAT regulations.

With GST, previously unregulated industries like the textile industry may now be held accountable.

Documents Required For Gst Registration In Bangalore


General Documents

  1. Pan card copy of all directors/partners/proprietor.
  2. Company pan card copy of pvt ltd / llp / partnership firm.
  3. Rental agreement and electricity bill.
  4. Bank statement or cancelled cheque.
  5. Address proof copy of all directors /partners/proprietor.
  6. Photo copy of all directors/partners/proprietor

Private Limited Company

  1. MoA and AoA
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. DSC


  1. LLP agreement
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. DSC

For Partnership

  1. Partnership registration certificate
  2. Partnership deed
  3. DSC

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So Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, that is known for its technological sector, large gardens, and international character.

Among the India’s largest software exporters, Bangalore was India’s first IT hotspot. For India’s $150 billion IT industry, that accounts for about 10 percent of GDP, Delhi is a bustling centre. A big number of technological start-ups are also based here. Despite its reputation as a tourist destination, Bangalore has matured into a full-fledged Indian silicon valley. Bangalore is now home to a slew of multinational corporations from a variety of diverse sectors. There has been an increase in the level of industrialization and access to new businesses as a result of all the advancements.

Bangalore’s economy is booming, and it makes a significant contribution to the entire financial situation in India. SEZs, industrial parks, and manufacturing centres are all viable investment options in the region. In order to establish a new company, we has to be aware of the requirements and procedures for GST registration, which is required to acquire a GST registration. Taxes are payable according to the GST slab rates, which range from 5% to 12%, 12% to 18%, or 28%, for most businesses. If GST registration and the division of tax slabs have you stumped, put your trust in us and one of India’s top GST Registration Consultants to get your company registered under GST in Bangalore. In addition to GST registration, we offer a wide range of other GST-related solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

By registering for GST in Bangalore, a person establishes his or her status as a provider of goods or services. Additionally, effective accounting of taxes spent on inputs of products and services may be used to deduct GST owed on the provision of goods and services, or on both.

Any business offering assistance with a yearly revenue of more than Rs.20 lakh and goods with a revenue of more than Rs.40 lakh, as well as organisations conducting inter – state business and running on e-commerce portals, as well as the casual taxable person, are obligated to register for GST in Bangalore.

To acquire GST registration in Bangalore, the individual’s PAN card, Aadhar card, evidence of business registration, proof of identity, proof of address, and proof of bank account are necessary.

A business that is required to register for GST must do so in Bangalore in 30 days after satisfying the compliance requirements. Casual taxpayers and non-resident taxpayers must register for GST in Bangalore prior to commencing their business.