Company Incorporation In The United Kingdom

An Overview

Business owners from all over the world have long been drawn to the United Kingdom. Because of its well-equipped infrastructure, high-quality facilities, solid government, and well-implemented rules and regulations, the United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for beginning new businesses in the world.

No citizenship is necessary for company registration in the United Kingdom. Non–residents are subject to several restrictions before forming a limited liability corporation.

The procedure of forming a corporation is quite simple and can be accomplished in as little as 24 hours without the need for the owner or directors to attend in person. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the shareholders’ or directors’ nationality.


Benefits of incorporating a company in the UK

  • In recent years, the regulatory and legal procedures for launching a business in the United Kingdom have grown significantly less onerous. Whether you’re forming a new business or completing your tax return using the color-coded online system, the hurdles that once existed are gradually being removed. According to the World Bank, it takes 13 days in the UK to start a firm, compared to 32 days on average in Europe. The UK is ranked #1 in Europe and sixth in the world for ease of doing business.
  • The British government offers several financial plans that provide substantial tax incentives to business owners and employees. These plans are also available to savvy investors. Entrepreneurs Relief, worth up to ten million pounds, can be claimed when a company is sold. In any given year, investors can claim tax credits of up to £150,000 on their investments.
  • According to the OECD, the UK ranks second in the world for Product Market Regulation, trailing only Australia, and has the fewest constraints on entrepreneurship, and the third-lowest obstacles to investment and trade.
  • The United Kingdom boasts one of the most efficient communication systems in the world, with the largest broadband market among the G7 countries and one of the world’s most robust ICT infrastructures.
  • Speaking the international business language: Operating in English gives UK companies a natural advantage when speaking internationally.

Documents and information needed to start a company in the United Kingdom.


We will need the following documents and information to start a business in the United Kingdom:

Constitutional documents

The Memorandum of Association is a short document that confirms the owner’s decision to incorporate the company and become a member of it.

The Articles of Association are the company’s primary constitutional instrument, and they detail all of the administrative provisions of the company’s activities that its members have agreed to. It outlines how the members and directors make critical decisions, as well as numerous issues connected to the shares, general meetings of the members, director appointments and powers, board resolutions, and notices, all of which contribute to the smooth and effective running of the company. A corporation can use either statutory Model Articles or write its own Bespoke Articles.

Company name

A UK private limited company can have any name it wants as long as it is distinct: it can’t be the same as another name, it can’t be the same as another name in the company index, and it doesn’t contain any sensitive words or expressions.

Registered office

Your business should have a physical presence in the United Kingdom. Official communications, such as correspondence from Companies House and the HM Revenue and Customs department, will be forwarded here.

Unless the firm designates a single alternative inspection site, this address will be publicly published on the online registration and will be the location where the public can see the company’s statutory registers (SAIL). All firm stationery, including emails and websites, should include the address.

First officers

The First Officers consist of the following.


A private limited corporation must have at least one live director who is at least 16 years old and is not prohibited from serving as a director. At least two directors are recommended to provide continuity in the event that one of them resigns or is unable to act.

The Articles of Association normally include rules on how the directors should manage the company’s activities and how they should execute all of the powers bestowed by the members while adhering to their fiduciary, common law, and statutory obligations.

Company Secretary

Unless the articles of incorporation clearly state otherwise, a private limited company is not required to appoint a Company Secretary. A business secretary might work for an individual or a firm.

Statement of capital

This statement contains information about the company’s shares as well as their value. There can be multiple classes of shares, each with its own set of rights, such as voting, dividend, capital, and redemption rights.

Persons with significant control

At the time of the company’s incorporation, anyone with substantial control must be listed. The goal of the same is to increase corporate trust and transparency by making it apparent who controls the company at the end of the day.

A human or legal entity that meets one or more conditions relating to share ownership, voting rights, the appointment of directors, or exercising control of the firm is referred to as a person with considerable control.

Company registration for non-UK residents

The registration procedure for non-UK residents is substantially similar to that of UK residents. Foreigners are not prohibited from serving as directors, shareholders, or secretaries. You don’t even have to live in the UK to start a business. However, in England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, your company must be registered with Companies House (depending on the location of the company).

Requirements for registering a UK Limited company:

Company Name: Your company’s name should be distinct and free of any forbidden words.

Only one director is required for the company’s formation, but the number of directors you can appoint is unlimited. Every director should be at least 16 years old.

Shareholders: Only one shareholder is required, however, the number of shareholders you can appoint is unlimited.

The company’s registered address must be in the United Kingdom and will show on the public register.

Service address for directors: Companies House requires each director, secretary, and PSC to provide a service address. This address can be anywhere on the planet, but it will be public information

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