Casual Taxable Person – GST Registration

Casual Taxable Person – GST Registration:

Under GST, all casual taxable persons are given special status. A casual taxable person is defined by the GST Act as a person who, in the course or furtherance of business, occasionally engages in transactions involving the supply of goods or services, or both, whether as principal, agent, or in any other capacity, in a State or a Union territory where the entity has no fixed place of business. As a result, people who run transitory businesses at fairs or exhibitions, as well as seasonal businesses, would be considered casual taxable individuals under the GST. In this essay, we’ll look at how to register for GST as a casual taxpayer.

Regular Taxpayers vs. Casual

Taxpayers Persons who are categorized as regular taxable persons must register for GST as regular taxable persons. These individuals will be subject to the regular person’s tax, rather than the casual or non-resident taxable person’s tax. As a result, regular taxable individuals are those who have an established place of business in India.

Unless a regular taxpayer enrolls in the GST composition scheme, he or she will be required to file monthly GST returns, keep accounts in accordance with the GST Act, keep a fixed place of business, and follow GST regulations.

Casual taxable persons would struggle to maintain a regular place of business or file monthly GST returns on a consistent basis since their business is seasonal and they do not have a fixed location. Special provisions for the registration of casual taxable persons have been included in the GST Act to address the unique needs of such taxpayers.

GST Registration for Casual Taxable Person

Regardless of yearly aggregate turnover, all persons designated as casual taxable persons should be required to register for GST. Furthermore, the casual taxable person must register for GST at least 5 days prior to the start of operations. Casual taxable persons can utilize FORM GST REG-01 to register for GST.

GST Registration Deposit 

During the validity term of the GST registration, casual taxable people must deposit an advance tax equal to the projected tax burden. The portal creates a temporary number for the GST deposit after you apply for GST registration. The site subsequently credits the taxpayer’s electronic cash ledger and issues a GST registration certificate. If necessary, the taxpayer may download it. 

GST Registration Validity 

The GST registration is valid for the term specified in the GST registration application or for 90 days from the date of registration, whichever comes first. The validity term for casual taxable people and non-residents is only indicated in the sample GST registration certificate below.

GST Registration Has Been Extended

If the concerned individual needs to extend his or her GST registration certificate beyond the date specified in the certificate, he or she must apply using FORM GST REG-11. Along with the request for a validity period extension, the taxpayer must also make an advance GST deposit based on the projected tax amount. The GST registration can be extended for up to another 90 days if the officer evaluating the application is satisfied and an advance GST deposit is submitted.